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Reports on current shark incidents.


Dramatic Rescue at Florida Beach

A person has suffered injuries while swimming at Grayton Beach State Park on Florida’s west coast. 

The unidentified person was swimming near a fishing line off the coast near Seaside when the shark bite the swimmers upper body. The victim was rushed to the hospital in stable condition and is expected to recover.

South Walton Fire District personnel stated, “First contact with the victim points to this incident being a case of ‘mistaken identity’ as they were swimming near a fishing line when bitten.”  They also warned “the Gulf of Mexico is home to dangerous marine life year-round.” 

Source: New York Post



Man Has Rare Encounter with Shark in UK

A 51-year-old man was bitten by a shark in the UK.

Des Butler was fishing with a friend a few miles of the coast from Littlehampton in West Sussex. Butler caught a houndshark. When he attempted to free the shark, it bit him in the calf. He and his friend, Alan Baldwin, managed to wrestle the 6 foot shark overboard before Baldwin treated his friend’s wound. 

The two returned back to shore and Butler went to the hospital where he received stitches for his wound. 

Butler admitted that the shark bite was the most painful experience of his life, “It was like being stabbed by lots of little daggers at the same time.”

This is considered a provoked incident. 

Source: The News


Two Bitten in Volusia County, Florida

Two people were bitten by sharks in one day at New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

A 71-year-old man was in knee-deep water with a boogie board when he was bitten on the foot by a shark. There is no other information of the extent of his injuries but officials report that he is okay. 

The second victim was a 12-year-old child who was up to his waist in the water jumping off a surfboard when he was bitten in the calf. The unidentified child was taken to the hospital as a trauma patient with no word of his condition.

This marks the third shark bite in Volusia County which is considered the shark bit capital of the world. 

Source: Fox 13 News



Teen Bitten by Shark in Fernandina Beach, Florida

A 13-year-old girl was bitten by a shark over the weekend in Florida. 

The unidentified girl was wading in two feet of water at Seaside Park on Fletcher Avenue around 2:30 when she was bitten on her right foot and ankle. The girl was taken to Baptist Medical Center Nassau in stable condition for non-life-threating injuries.

Waters were closed for two hours but have since been reopened. Beach goers are encouraged to proceed with caution.

Source: First Coast News 



Boy Bitten by Shark in Western Australia

A 10-year-old boy was bitten by a bronze whaler shark in Western Australia.

The unidentified boy was snorkeling about 75 yards offshore at Five Fingers Reef near Coral Bay when he was bitten.  

The boy was treated at a nearby nursing post before being flown to Perth Children’s Hospital by Royal Flying Doctors for further treatment.

Swimmers are being advised to take extra care in the general Coral Bay area. 

Source: 9News



Man Bitten by shark while Swimming at Hilton Head

 26-year-old Wyatt Bowman was swimming at Hilton Head Island’s Burkes Beach Sunday when fish began to pop out of the water around him. He was about 220 yards offshore.

A couple seconds later a shark, which he estimated to be about five feet long, bit the bottom of his heel and “shredded” his lower ankle around his Achilles tendon.

“He took a big ole bite out of me,” Bowman stated.

 At first, Bowman said he didn’t feel much pain. He knew he had to get back to shore immediately. Once he made it back to the beach he looked down at his bleeding ankle and collapsed. Then the pain set in.

A Shore Beach Service lifeguard and an off-duty nurse helped take care of him. Emergency medical services arrived moments later.

Bowman was transported to Hilton Head Hospital, where he was directed to get orthopedic surgery to repair his ankle. The bite left a three inch gash in his Achilles tendon, but he’s lucky it didn’t sever.

“On my heel there are three perfect rows of teeth, and they are pretty deep,” said Bowman.

He will not be able to walk on the injury for three to four weeks. But the experience, although painful and scary, won’t stop him from getting back in the water.

“Oh yeah, I’ll swim again,” he said. “I’m not mad at the shark. He was hunting, and I just happened to get in the way. If anything, I have better appreciation and a little more understanding of sharks.”

“First off: any time you enter the ocean, you’re going into a completely different environment,” he added. “We’re no longer the top predator when you’re out there. They play by their own rules.”

Hilton Head's waters are known to be the home of about 17 different species of sharks. 




Man Suspected Dead after Encounter with Shark

A man is missing and presumed dead after a suspected shark incident. 

The alarm was raised after fishermen reported they has seen a shark go after a fisherman diving off a each on the Nouville peninsula.

“It was very fast. We saw eddies on the surface, it was a shark that was attacking,” one witness said. “We saw the fins flapping above the water and then nothing more.”

A sea and air search has been unsuccessful at this point.

“Our boat is still there but nothing has been found and no one has yet gone to the police or the gendarmerie to report a disappearance,” Alexandre Rossignol, said head of communications for civil defense.

Swimming and other water sports and activities have been banned along a coastal strip near the attack until Sunday.

Source: MACAU News Agency 



Man Bitten by Tiger Shark in Australia

A man in his 40s was bitten by a tiger shark in Western Australia.

The unidentified man was diving off Quondong Beach around 11:00am when he was bitten by the 9-foot tiger shark. He suffered lacerations to his right arm and was taken back to Cable Beach before being transported to Broome Hospital, where is reported in stable condition. 

Authorities have advised anyone in the area around Quondong and Willie Creek to take additional care in the water, urging people to notify Water Police in the event of any further shark sightings.

Source: ABC News



Surfer Dies after Suffering Critical Injuries

A man has been killed from a suspected shark bite in Australia. 

Emergency services were called to Tuncurry beach, approximately 180 miles north of Sydney, after a man in his 50s suffered critical injures while surfing.

"Despite the best efforts of paramedics and bystanders at the scene, the man could not be resuscitated," NSW Ambulance reported. 

Tuncurry beach, also called the Nine Mile beach, and neighboring Forster Main Beach have been closed.

Source: Reuters



Man Bitten by Shark while Kite Boarding in Hawaii

A 35-year-old man was bitten while kite boarding in Hawaii.

The unidentified man was about 400 yards off shore of Kahului Canoe Hale in Maui when a shark bit him on the back of upper leg as he was getting back on his kite foil board. 

The incident happened around 4:45 Saturday and beaches from Hale Nanea on the Kahului side of Kahana Beach Park to Stable Road will be closed until noon Sunday out of caution due to the shark’s aggressive behavior. 

Officials reported the man sustained 2-3 inch lacerations but was able to make his way back to shore. He declined treatment.

Source: khon2



Woman Bitten by a Shark in Dayton Beach

An Oregon woman was bitten by a shark while visiting Florida.

The 21-year-old woman was wading in shallow oceans waters at Daytona Beach Shores when she was bitten on her right foot. 

The woman left the beach in her own vehicle but officials do not know if she went to the hospital. 

Source: The Daytona Beach News-Journal


Surfer Suffers Non Life-Threating Wounds from Encounter in Hawaii

A surfer has suffered minor injuries after encountering a shark in Hawaii.

The unidentified surfer was in the water of North Beach at the Marine Corps Base when she encountered the shark. A lifeguard on duty says the surfer was able to get out of the water after sustaining deep cuts to the shin and calf. 

The victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. 

Source: KHON 2


Fisherman Died after Bitten by Shark in Westmoreland, Jamaica

A 53-year-old fisherman has died in Jamaica after being bitten by a shark. 

Donovan Haywood was spear fishing off the shores of Little Bay in Little London with a group of other fishermen. While under water, Haywood was bitten by a large shark which tore off his left arm and inflicted several bite wounds to his upper body. 

The men work for 30 minutes to free Haywood from the shark’s mouth. When they did, the shark swam away with his arm. 

Haywood was taken to shore where he was pronounced dead. 

Source: The Gleaner


Woman Bitten while Paddle Boarding at Daytona Beach

A 64-year-old woman has been bitten by a shark in Florida.

The unidentified woman, from New Smyrna Beach, was on her paddle board at Daytona Beach when she was bitten. According to Tamra Malphurs of the Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue, the woman received cuts on her foot and was transported for medical treatment as a precaution. 

It is unknown at this time as to the species of shark involved as it was not actually seen. 

Source: Orlando Sentinel


Man Injured while Boogie Boarding at Vero Beach, Florida

A 54-year-old man was bitten by a shark near Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida. 

According to witnesses, the man was boogie boarding approximately 30-40 feet off shore when he saw the man in distress. When the man came ashore he has wounds to both his calf and knee. Medical staff at the resort reached the man within minutes, and applied a tourniquet to control blood loss.

"They did a good job. There was some blood, but not an excessive amount,” said Fire Rescue Battalion Chief, Roger Dion. 

The unidentified man was taken to Sebastian River Medical Center to treat his leg wounds and then airlifted to another hospital. 

The shark was not seen so it is unknown as to what type of shark was involved in the incident. 

Source: People



Man Dies while Paddle Boarding in New Caledonia

A 53-year-old man has died of suspected shark bites in New Caledonia. 

The unidentified man was paddle boarding near the beach of Noumea. His lifeless body was found on his board by a boater just off the Nouville Peninsula. 

An autopsy has yet to be performed but investigators suspect the wounds were caused by a shark. 

Alerts were released to warn swimmers. 

Source: The Guardian



Fisherman Looses Battle to Shark in Ireland

A fisherman was pulled off his kayak by a shark off the coast of Ireland.

Graham Smith was fishing for shark near Donegal when he hooked a porbeagle shark. After fighting it for 15-20 minutes the shark pulled him out to water that was very rough. 

“Some lads that I know were there so I gave them a shout and said can you give me a quick tow out of this rough stuff – then I can get the shark up and let him go. But the shark caused a swell before we were ready and it just flipped the kayak.”

You can watch the footage here of the incident and Graham getting back to safety. 

There were no injuries but the fisherman did loose valuable equipment in the tussle. 

Source: Ary News


Woman Sustains Minor Wound from Tiger Shark

A 57-year-old woman was bitten by a tiger shark in Hawaii.

The unidentified woman was with an excursion group. The woman was swimming about 200 yards off shore of the Kukio Resort Club House when a tiger shark bit her from behind. She was taken to shore by canoe where she received first aid before being taken to the hospital where she was treated for a 2 inch puncture wound to her left knee.

Officials closed the beaches for the remainder of the day. 

Source: Inside Edition


Woman Bitten by Shark In Hawaii

A 26-year-old woman was bitten by a shark in Hawaii.

The unidentified woman was about 30 feet from shore of Kealakeua Bay when Lalu Gardner, tour guide for Adventures in Paradise found her after hearing screaming. She was surrounded by blood and said the woman appeared to have been bitten by a shark on her back and upper thigh. 

The woman was able to swim to shore where bystanders helped her out of the water and waited with her until medics arrived. She was then taken to Kona Community Hospital in serious condition but has since been upgraded to stable condition. 

The Bay was closed immediately including Manini Beach. 

Source: Hawaii Tribune


Diver Suffers Head Injury in South Africa

A 38-year-old man encountered a shark while diving in South Africa.

Jarid Norman was spear-fishing in Umdloti on the north coast of Durban when he shot a rock cod with his spearfishing rod, as he was reaching for his knife, a shark struck his head while going for the fish. 

 “It felt like something just punched me in the head. It was not an attack, it was going for the fish in my hand. It’s like a dog, if you are holding a pie and it goes for the pie and bites your hand it’s a case of mistaken identity.”

When Norman saw blood he assumed it was from the fish; however, his partner informed him it was actually coming from his head. He saw in his car mirror that is was actually a bone fragment. 

Norman posted a video on social media showing him dislodging the fragment from his bleeding head which can be seen here

Local authorities requested the tooth so that they can determine what species was involved in the incident. 
Source: SA Promo


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