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Reports on current shark incidents.


California Woman Bitten by Shark in Hawaii

A 35-year-old woman was bitten by a shark in Hawaii.

The unidentified California resident was swimming approximately 100 yards off shore from the Mahini Surf Condominiums when she was bitten. Surfers helped the woman to shore and was then taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

It reported she suffered severe injuries to the front of her torso. 

Shark warning signs have been posted and the incident is being investigated.

Source: Khon 2 News.



Scientist Bitten by Tiger Shark in New Caledonia

A scientist has been bitten by a tiger shark during an expedition in the southwest Pacific Ocean to study sperm whales. 

Scientist were anchored off the coast of New Caledonia just a half a mile away from Saint Vincent Bay. The unidentified woman and colleagues had moved about 60 feet away from their catamaran to explore the coral reefs when the shark bit the female scientist. 

"The shark first circled around them, then it rose from the bottom and took on one of the swimmers," a firefighter from New Caledonia reported. 

With the aid of a colleague, the scientist managed to escape and swim back to the catamaran where crew members administered first aid. 

She was then transported to New Caledonia’s capital, Noumea, where she received further medical intervention.

The scientist suffered three lacerations, each about three inches wide, on her thigh. 

Source: Newsweek



Man Dies in WA after Being Bitten by a Shark

A 55-year-old man has died after being bitten by a shark in Western Australia. 

The unidentified man was body boarding at Cable Beach about 120 feet from the shore when he was bitten. A couple on the beach saw thrashing in the water and rushed to pull the man to safety. He suffered serious injuries to his hand and leg. Police treated him on shore before paramedics arrived but unfortunately died at the scene. 

The shark lingered close to the shore for almost half an hour after the incident and was consequently shot by police. The type of shark has not been officially stated but locals speculate it may have been a tiger shark, which are sometimes drawn close to shore by shoals of small fish. 

Park rangers closed the beach and a fisheries vessel has been assigned to patrol the area. 

Source: ABC News 



Fisherman Suffers Severe Injuries in Bahamas

A 36-year-old fisherman was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas. 

Anthony Feaster was with a friend spear fishing in the water off the East End, Grand Bahama. He said, “I felt something clasp onto my hand wrist, and without thinking at all, I started to wrestle with the thing. I remember pulling my hand out of its mouth, and that is how I really got away from it and received all that damage; and why my hand is all torn the way it is because - I pulled it out of its mouth.”

Feaster was able to wrestle off the shark and his fishing partner helped him backed into the boat. He stated, “I lost a lot of blood; it was a lot of blood in the boat. I don’t know how all that blood came out of me and I didn’t die.”

The shark was reported to be 10 to 12 feet long. 

Source: Express News



Teen Surfer Bitten by Shark in Florida

A 17-year-old teen was bitten off the coast of Florida.

Jordan Hooper was surfing off the coast of Ormond Beach in Volusia County in waist deep water when the he lost his surfboard. As he tried to retrieve his board, a shark bit his right leg, said Captain Tamra Malphurs, of the Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

The teen was taken to a local hospital where he received stitches. His injuries were not life threatening. 

Source: Newsweek



Boy Bitten by Small Shark in Australia

A 13-year-old boy was bitten by a small shark in New South Wales.

The unidentified boy was in the water at Town Beach at Port Macquarie when the incident happened. 

He was transported to Port Macquarie Base Hospital with injuries to his foot, finger and upper leg.

"Amazingly, he was in fairly good spirits when our crew arrived," NSW Ambulance inspector Susan George said, thanking local lifesavers for their work in looking after the boy before their arrival.

Town Beach closed for a day.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald



Person Bitten by Shark in Florida

An unidentified person was bitten by a shark on St. George Island. 

According to a spokesperson with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the shark bite incident which took place near the Cut. 

There are no other details other than the person is said to be doing okay. 




Mother and Child injured in Snorkeling Incident

A Ukrainian family vacationing in Egypt suffered injuries while snorkeling. 

The family where snorkeling in the Ras Mohammed nature reserve when the mother and 12-year old boy were bitten by a shark along with the instructor who led the tour. 

The unidentified boy underwent surgery and has a second scheduled. It is reported that he lost part of his arm below the elbow and the mother sustained deep wounds from the bites. 

The excursion boats are banned from stopping in the area of the incident and the excusion was purchased from a third party, not the resort they were staying.  

Source: Unian



Fisherman Severely Injured by Shark Bite at Great Barrier Reef

A 59-year-old Australian man has suffered severe injuries after being bitten by a shark.

The unidentified man was fishing at the Great Barrier Reef with a friend when a shark bit his thigh.  Paramedics were called to the area of Britomart Reef near Lucinda in Queensland to treat the man whose injuries were described as catastrophic. 

“There was obviously evidence of a very significant shark bite to the patient’s upper thigh, pelvic region,” said Dr. David Humphreys, with LifeFlight, Australia.

He was airlifted to Townsville Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and remains in critical condition. 

Source: Fox News



Surfer Encounters Shark in North Carolina

A surfer reported being bitten by a shark in North Carolina.

Erik Martynuik was surfing in Emerald Isle when he noticed a dorsal fin coming toward him. Fellow surfer, Eugene Kloepell, was in the water when it happened. 

“There was something behind him, chasing him," recalled Kloepell. "I caught a wave and said 'I'm out of here!' That ain't no blue fish, and I kept on paddling for all I was worth!"

Martynuik said the dorsal fin disappeared and then shortly after the shark hit the bottom of his board. 

"Next thing you know, I felt a stinging feeling," Martynuik recalled. "I gave him a good shot right to the nose and automatically he let go. That's how I think I saved myself."

Martynuik made it back to shore but did not let the incident stop him from continuing to surf, “Packed my knee with some surf wax and electrical tape and took my other back up board out,” he said. “I’m having lower back surgery in 5 days I’m not letting this rain on my parade!”

Emerald Isle Police, as well as Town Manager Matt Zapp, say they are aware of Martynuik's testimony, and while they cannot confirm it is in fact a shark, say sharks are often spotted in that area of Bogue Banks.

Source: ABC News Channel 12



Dock Worker Bitten by Shark in Key Largo

A man was bitten by a nurse shark in Key Largo. 

Andres Garcia was stripping a concrete deck when a small nurse shark latched its jaws onto his right foot. It took quite a bit of effort from his coworkers to get the shark to release his foot. Cell phone video captured the moment but not how they were actually able to pry the predator off him.

Garcia was taken to the hospital where he was given 16 stitches to close the wound. 

Source: WSVN 7 News



Sufer Missing after Suspected Shark Incident

A surfer is missing after a suspected shark incident at Kelp Beds Beach near Esperance, Western Australia.

Emergency response were called to Wylie Bay beach when Andrew Sharpe's surf board had been found floating in the water with no sign of its owner. The Andrew still has not been found. 

Esperance Police, St John Ambulance, Marine Rescue, Surf Life Saving WA and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development representatives all are at the scene helping with the marine search and rescue operation.

Wylie Bay has been closed.

Source: Busselton Mail



Professional Surfer Has Close Call with Great White

Professional surfer Matt Wilkinson had a close call with a shark off the southern coast of Australia.

Wilkinson, 32, was paddling his board off the coast of Ballina in New South Wales when, “I heard a splash and a noise and looked around and couldn’t see anything,”  

Caught on drone footage a 5 foot shark circled beneath his board before darting up to the surface near his ankles and then swimming away. Speculation is it was scared off by a warning broadcast by a lifeguard-operated drone. After spotting the shark, the drone descended and told Wilkinson to return to the beach. 

“I got to the shore feeling a bit weird and the lifeguards showed me the footage, and I realized how close it came without knowing it was there. It looks like it’s going for my leg, and it’s changed its mind,” he said.

Sharpes Beach, where the encounter took place was then closed.

Source: Daily Sabah



Man Bitten in Leg by Blacktip Shark in Miami

A 31-year-old man was bitten by a shark at South Beach, Fl.

The unidentified man was bitten on the leg by a blacktip shark while in the water near 10th Street. 

Miami Beach Fire Rescue treated the man’s 8-inch laceration which stopped the bleeding and was then taken to Ryder Trauma as a precaution. 

He is listed in stable condition. 

Miami Beach Fire Rescue raised a double red flag in the area warning beachgoers not to enter the water. 

Source: Miami Herald



Surfer Pulled from Board in Australia

A 17-year-old teen was pulled off his board while surfing in Australia.

The Sav Marafioti was surfing about 25 yards off Toms Surf Break shore in North Beach when a 5 foot bronze whaler shark clutched his leg rope, pulling him off his board.

“You can’t explain how it feels to have an animal grabbing at you; I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.I felt a nudge and everyone felt seaweed around them and then as I put my leg down I felt it again. So I put my leg up and it’s grabbed my leg rope and started pulling down and my leg rope has started to stretch. In the moment you just think you are not going to come out of it alive unless you do something.” Marafioti said.

The teen unstrapped his leash before swimming to a friend who paddled them to safety.

Luckily, Marafioti escaped injury.

Source: Xoonews


Swimmer Bitten in Hawaii

A 61-year-old Kihei woman was bitten while swimming off shore.

The unidentified woman was swimming about 120 yards off shore of Charley Young Beach when she was bitten by what was believed to be a shark. 

When Ocean Safety personnel arrived on scene the woman was already on shore. She was transported to Maui Memorial Medical Center where her wounds were ruled not to be caused by a shark. 

The woman was treated for multiple puncture wounds and lacerations for her left shoulder. 

Source: Hawaii News Now



Snorkeler Bitten by Bull Shark in Florida Keys

A 30-year-old Georgia man was bitten by a shark off Marathon Key in Florida.

Andrew Charles Eddy was snorkeling near Sombrero Key Light with family on a private boar when he was bitten in the shoulder by a bull shark 8 to 10 feet long. 

Eddy was taken to Sombrero Beach then airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami. His current condition is unknown, but the injury to his shoulder was reported as severe. 

Source: 4 CBS  Miami  



Shark Encounter off Tweed Coast

A surfer is unharmed after he encountered a shark off the Tweed Coast in New South Wales.

Witnesses reported seeing splashing when 30 surfers raced out of the water at Cabrita’s Headland after the man tried to flee as a shark left what appears to be a tooth in his board. 

Despite the residents being traumatized from the 16 foot shark, no injuries were reported. 

Source: 9News 


Fisherman Bitten by Whitetip off Fraser Island

A fisherman was bitten by a shark off the coast of Fraser Island in Queensland. 

The unidentified man in his 50s was fishing when he caught what is believed to be a whitetip shark. While he was trying to unhook the animal from his fishing line, it attached itself to his arm. Friends help pry the man’s arm from its mouth before bringing him to shore. 

He was treated by Queensland Ambulance paramedics before being flown to the Royal Brisbane and Woman’s Hospital. The man is listed in stable condition.




North Carolina Man Bitten by Shark at Daytona Beach

A 48-year-old tourist from North Carolina was bitten by what is believed to be a shark at Daytona Beach Shores.

Eric Bowman was swimming in waist-deep water when he felt something bite his left foot then let go immediately. 

The man was treated on scene for minor cuts and punctures to his foot and refused to be taken to the hospital. 

Source: Click Orlando


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