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Man Suffers Severe Injuries in Shark Incident

 A 32-year-old man suffered a shark bite while swimming off the coast of Piedada in Recife. 

The victim had injuries on the back of the left thigh and buttocks. He was treated shortly after the incident and is expected to survive. 

We will update when more information becomes available.





Woman Suffers Minor Injuries in Brevard County, Fl.

A woman was taken to the hospital for a reported shark bite in Florida.

Brevard County Fire Rescue received a call reporting a shark bite near Patrick Space Force Base around 12:30pm yesterday. The woman was transported to a local hospital with a small laceration to her ankle.

No information was provided identifying details of the woman, not location of the beach and hospital she was taken to.

Tyler Bowling, manager for the Florida Program for Shark research at the Florida Museum, speculates it was most likely a coastal shark such as a black tip responsible for the incident.

Source: Florida Today



Great White Collides with Surfer in WA

A nearly 10-foot shark knocked a surfer off his board in Western Australia.

At approximately 12:30pm, the unidentified man was off shore of Chickens surf break, near Salmon Beach on Rottnest Island, when the great white collided with the surfer.  

The man managed to swim to safety uninjured. Beaches between Parker Point and Green Island were closed for 24 hours. 

Source: The West



9-Year-Old Receives 25 Stitches after Encounter with Shark in Florida

A 9-year-old girl was bitten by a shark in Martin Coutny, Florida.

Amiya Lobb-Smith was in the ocean at Bathtub Beach with a few friends when she ran out of the water, “unable to speak with a bunch of holes and gashes” on her leg, said mother, Ana Lobb. 

Martin County Fired Rescue responded and took Lobb to Cleveland Clinic Martin North Hospital where she was transported to Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital in St. Lucie County. Lobb underwent a procedure to deep-clean the wounds and received 25-30 stitches. 

The species involved is currently undetermined; however, it is believed to be a 4-foot spinner shark that was responsible. 

Source: TCPalm



Boy Bitten at New Smyrna Beach, Florida

An unidentified boy was bitten by while boogie boarding in Florida. 

The 11-year-old  boy, who is from Georgia, was boogie boarding at New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County when he was bitten on the leg at about 4:30. He was then taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The shark was not seen so its size and species are unknown. 

Source: Click Orlando




Surfer Bitten by Shark in South Africa

A man has been bitten by a shark in Jeffereys Bay, South Africa.

The unidentified man was surfing when, "It appears that while surfing fellow surfers saw the man appear to fall off his board. It was then discovered, according to eye-witness reports, that he may have been bumped off his board and bitten by a shark and we believe he managed to get back onto his board and he was assisted out of the water by fellow surfers," stated National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) official. 

"An NSRI Bakoven crewman who happened to be there at the time initiated medical treatment using an NSRI shark kit from the NSRI shark kit box that is stationed at The Point Beach," the institute said. The man was treated on the scene for puncture wounds to his right leg and his torso. 

All beaches in the area were closed. 

Source: Eyewitness News



Man Killed in Brazil after Deadly Shark Bite

A 51-year-old man was killed from shark incident in Brazil.

Marcelo Rocha Santos was pulled from the water unresponsive after going into the sea to relieve himself. A witness who had been next to Santos stated, “Suddenly, he saw the man struggling. There was a lot of blood in the water." 

Friends brought the victim to shore where he fell to the ground unconscious. His hand was dismembered and he had severe bite wounds on the back of his leg.

Santo’s lifeless body was taken to the hospital in Recife where he was pronounced dead. 

It is speculated that the shark was a bull or tiger shark involved. The scene of the incident is a known for incidents, as it is open and unprotected by reefs.  Also, due to the rains this time of year the sea is murky which makes conditions prime for shark incidents to happen. 

Source: Daily Star



Shark Bites 8-year-old Boy off Ponce Inlet

An 8-year-old boy suffered an injury to his right leg when he was bitten by a shark Sunday off Ponce Inlet.

The boy, visiting from Miami, was bitten around 4 p.m. near Winterhaven Park by a 2 to 3-foot shark, officials stated.

The boy was treated at the scene by Volusia County Beach Safety and then taken to Halifax Hospital and is currently in stable condition.



Shark Incident at Crescent Head on NSW Mid North Coast

A Queensland man has been injured in a shark incident off the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

NSW Police stated that the man was believed to be in his 20s and from the Sunshine Coast.

Three paramedic crews and the Westpac rescue helicopter with a critical care paramedic and critical care doctor were dispatched to the scene.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Andrew Beverley praised bystanders who helped the man from the water and provided that crucial initial first aid.

"It was a significant bite," he stated.

"The man suffered serious injuries to his arm as a result and was stabilised on scene and then flown to John Hunter Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The beach has been closed by Surf Life Saving NSW.



Teen Bitten by Shark off California Coast

A teenage boy has been bitten by a shark off Catalina Island, California.

The 15-year-old unidentified teen was kayaking with his father when their boat was bumped by a shark. The boy put his hand in the water and was bit by the shark.

The boy was transported to a local hospital where he underwent surgery. 

The beach area was closed while officials assessed the area.

Source: FOX 11


7-Year-Old Girl Suffers Suspected Shark Bite in North Carolina

A 7-year-old girl is suspected to have been the victim of a shark bite in North Carolina.

The unidentified girl was in the water at Ocean Isle Beach when she was bitten. 

“The first responders told me that it was a pattern consistent with a small shark,” said Mayor Debbie Smith.

The girl was brought to a hospital and received stitches for what is believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. 

The beaches remained open as there have been no other shark sightings in the area. 

Source: The News & Observer


Man Surfers Injury by Shark in Aqaba

A Jordanian man in his 30s was bitten by a shark in Aqaba.

The unidentified man was parachuting on the shores of Aqaba when he was apparently injured on his foot by a shark. The man was transferred to Prince Hashem Military Hospital for treatment. 

No other information is given at this time. It is presumed the man is in stable condition.

Source: Roya News



Man Bitten by Juvenile Great White in California

A 39-year-old man was bitten by a great white in California. 

The man was swimming around 9:15 am off a popular beach at Gray Whale Cove State Beach south of Pacifica when the juvenile great white bit him on the leg. It quickly released its grip and swam off. 

“It was only one bite and there were about 10 lacerations to the back of the right thigh,” said Brian Ham, San Mateo Fire Department battalion chief. “And the surfer was able to swim back into shore with assistance from bystanders,” where he waited for first responders who took him to the hospital. 

The shark was reported as being 6-8 feet long. According to officials, it is rare to have this type of incident in the area and that the man was most likely mistaken for a seal.

Source: KPIX CBS of SF Bay Area 


Man Suffers Lacerations below the Knee in WA

A man suffered an eight inch laceration below the knee after a shark incident in Western Australia.

St John Ambulance spokeswoman said authorities received the call just after 2.30pm on Wednesday that a man had been bitten at Gumtree Bay, near Leeman, about 26 miles north of Perth.

Paramedics transported the man to the Leeman Nursing Post.

The spokeswoman stated that his bleeding was controlled and he is now in a stable condition.

It is not yet known what species of shark this man encountered.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is warning people to take additional caution in the Gumtree Bay area.




Bodyboarder Videos a Close Encounter with Shark in Australia

A bodyboarder escaped injury after an encounter with a shark in Australia. 

Roger Essig was about 200 yards off shore of Gunnamatta Beach in Fingal on an inflatable surf mat when he came face-to-face with the 6-foot shark. "My only reaction was to turn away from it and give it my fins," said Essig. 

Despite the close encounter and no injuries, Essig says it won't deter him from getting back in the water and he will return to the same spot on the weekend.

Click here to view the footage Essig managed to get of the encounter. 

Source: 9 News


Dramatic Rescue at Florida Beach

A man has suffered injuries while swimming at Santa Rosa Beach on Florida’s west coast. 

The unidentified person was swimming near a fishing line off the coast near Seaside when the shark bite the swimmers upper body. The victim was rushed to the hospital in stable condition and is expected to recover.

South Walton Fire District personnel stated, “First contact with the victim points to this incident being a case of ‘mistaken identity’ as they were swimming near a fishing line when bitten.”  They also warned “the Gulf of Mexico is home to dangerous marine life year-round.” 

Source: New York Post



Man Has Rare Encounter with Shark in UK

A 51-year-old man was bitten by a shark in the UK.

Des Butler was fishing with a friend a few miles of the coast from Littlehampton in West Sussex. Butler caught a houndshark. When he attempted to free the shark, it bit him in the calf. He and his friend, Alan Baldwin, managed to wrestle the 6 foot shark overboard before Baldwin treated his friend’s wound. 

The two returned back to shore and Butler went to the hospital where he received stitches for his wound. 

Butler admitted that the shark bite was the most painful experience of his life, “It was like being stabbed by lots of little daggers at the same time.”

This is considered a provoked incident. 

Source: The News


Two Bitten in Volusia County, Florida

Two people were bitten by sharks in one day at New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

A 71-year-old man was in knee-deep water with a boogie board when he was bitten on the foot by a shark. There is no other information of the extent of his injuries but officials report that he is okay. 

The second victim, 12-year-old Jai Villamil, was up to his waist in the water jumping off a surfboard when he was bitten in the calf. He was taken to the hospital and underwent a six-hour surgery to repair nerver damage. 

This marks the third shark bite in Volusia County which is considered the shark bit capital of the world. 

Source: Fox 13 News



Teen Bitten by Shark in Fernandina Beach, Florida

A 13-year-old girl was bitten by a shark over the weekend in Florida. 

The unidentified girl was wading in two feet of water at Seaside Park on Fletcher Avenue around 2:30 when she was bitten on her right foot and ankle. The girl was taken to Baptist Medical Center Nassau in stable condition for non-life-threating injuries.

Waters were closed for two hours but have since been reopened. Beach goers are encouraged to proceed with caution.

Source: First Coast News 



Boy Bitten by Shark in Western Australia

A 10-year-old boy was bitten by a bronze whaler shark in Western Australia.

The unidentified boy was snorkeling about 75 yards offshore at Five Fingers Reef near Coral Bay when he was bitten.  

The boy was treated at a nearby nursing post before being flown to Perth Children’s Hospital by Royal Flying Doctors for further treatment.

Swimmers are being advised to take extra care in the general Coral Bay area. 

Source: 9News


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