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Reports on current shark incidents.


Man Dies while Swimming in New Caledonia

A 57-year-old man was fatally wounded by a shark in New Caledonia.

The unidentified man was swimming near his moored boat off Maitre islet when a 12 foot shark bit the man in the leg. The man died before the rescue helicopter arrived; it is believed he died from a heart attack after the initial incident. 

Firefighters evacuated a nearby beach and authorities have also banned swimming and other water-based activities along the islet’s coastline for the remainder of the weekend. 

Source: Barron’s  



Surfer Escapes Injury after close Encounter with Shark

A surfer escapes injuries with a shark in Sydney, Australia. 

The unidentified surfer was captured on video via a drone operated by toby Nicol. While surfing at Bondi Beach, it appears the surfer slid off his board and into the water and stepped on the shark as it passed by him.

The shark is believed to have been a grey nurse shark around 6-7 feet long.  This species of shark is not known to be aggresive unless stepped or provaked in some way. 

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Source: USA Today 


Teen's Surf Ski Bitten by Shark in South Australia

A 17-year-old’s surf ski was bitten by a shark during a lifesaving training in South Australia. 

Jed French was among five boys conducting a surf lifesaving training off Glenelg beach when a shark sank its teeth into the rear of the surf ski. 

He felt a thud on the rear of his surf ski," said Surf Life Saving SA emergency operations manager Daniel Willetts. "On turning around, he's seen the head of an unknown species of shark biting the rear of the surf ski.”

French and the others quickly paddled about a mile back to shore without injury. 

Source: ABC News


Shark Sinks Kayak in Maui

A ten foot tiger shark sank a kayak in Hawaii.

A father and son were kayaking around 2:00 p.m. in the 1000 Peaks area off Maui when a shark bit their boat and knocked both individuals in the water as the kayak sunk. They were able to swim to shore and unharmed. 

Beaches from Pali Lookout to Lone Pines were closed through February 3rd and signs have been posted. 

Source: Khon2



Woman Bitten by Shark at Cowaramup Bay

A surfer has reportedly been bitten by a shark in the ocean southwest of Western Australia.

A spokesman for the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development said the woman, 46, emerged from the water with a bleeding foot at Cowaramup Bay Beach, Gracetown.

The incident occurred at about 10.30am, WA time. Nearby residents told the news an ambulance was seen at the scene.

Surf Life Saving WA teams conducted aerial patrols of the area, which is north of Margaret River and a popular destination for surfers.

Surf Life Saving WA tweeted that a shark had been spotted approximately 50 yards off shore.

The Shire of Augusta Margaret River has closed the beach since the incident.

The beach will be closed for 24 hours from Huzza's Car Park to Cowaramup Boat Ramp.

"Please adhere to all warnings and signage," asked Surf Life Saving WA.



Auckland Man Escapes Serious Injury after Shark Bite

An Auckland man suffered minor injuries after a shark bite in Papamoa, New Zealand.

The 61-year-old unidentified man was body surfing at Papamoa beach around 8:00pm. After being in the water for a few minutes, he dove under a wave and felt something “snap” onto his arm.

“It gave me a fright, thankfully didn’t latch on, and by the time I came to the surface it was gone,” he said.

When he surfaced and rubbed the water out of his eyes the shark was gone. He made it back to shore and alerted beachgoers to leave the water. 

The man saw a doctor the following day and was cleared of any infections and did not require stitches for the puncture wounds he sustained.

Source: m


Great White Entertains Fishing Crew in Tampa Bay

A 14-16 foot great white shark bit a boat just south of Tampa Bay.

Erika Almond, captain of Offshore Therapy, and several friends were fishing about 65 miles south-southwest of Tampa Bay wan a large great white approached the boat and tried to bite it. Almond while sharing photos on Facebook stated, “Seriously one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had offshore! We had a 14-16 foot Great White shark circle our boat, bite the motors and the boat, and roll on its back for about two to three hours! 65 miles offshore in the gulf. No words...” 

The shark stayed with the group for two-three hours as it circled her boat, even rolling onto its back.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

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Source: Click Orlando



Rare Shark Incident in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales

A 58-year-old marine scientist was bitten by a shark in New South Wales. 

Rick Burbury was swimming in Lake Macquarie with his wife when a shark bit him in his left arm. His wife, a doctor, helped bring her husband to shore where an off duty life guard helped with emergency assistance by getting a belt which was then used as a tourniquet. NSW Ambulance Inspector Grahame Rathbone considered the action “potentially lifesaving”.

Burbury was flown to John Hunter Hospital in serious but stable condition with severe lacerations to his arm. 

This is the first shark incident in over a decade with only great white sightings in 2014 and again in 2019.

Source: 9News 



Nurse Shark Latches onto Photographer

A young photographer was bitten by a nurse shark while snorkeling in the Florida Keys. 

The unidentified man was filming a small nurse shark when it bit down onto his nipple and did not let go. The victim wore a t-shirt that offered some protection from the latched shark. He left the shallow water with the holding shark and sought help from a nearby store. A few people assisted with a pair of pliers to get the shark to let go. 

The shark was returned to the water and the victim was left with a few puncture wounds and a good story to tell.  

Source: The Sun



Man Bitten by Shark in Hawaii

A 73-year-old man has been bitten by a shark in Maui, Hawaii.

The unidentified man from California was snorkeling approximately 40 yards off shore of Ka’anapali Beach when he was bitten on his calf. He was able to make his way to shore on his own and was administered first aid for lacerations to his calf. He is reported in good condition. 

The shark is said to have been 8 feet in length but type has not been identified.

Source: CNN



Victorian Man Killed by Shark in South Australia

A 32-year-old man is believed to have been killed by a shark in South Australia.  

Duncan Craw was snorkeling off the Port MacDonnell during a family camping trip when he went missing. Police were contacted after the man’s disappearance and launched a search assisted by numerous authorities and local volunteers. 

A damaged wetsuit and flippers which are thought to have belonged to Craw were later discovered off the waters of Surfers Way near Port MacDonnell. "Tragically, police suspect the Victorian man has been the victim of a shark attack," SA Police said in a statement.

Craw leaves behind a wife and young son. The family released a statement thanking the emergency crews and volunteers who search for the missing snorkeler adding, “We will never forget Duncan and will make sure his memory lives on. 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald 



Man Critically Injured while Swimming in Perth

A man has been bitten by what is believe to be a bull shark in Perth. 

Cameron Wrathall was swimming in Swan River when the incident occurred. A nearby resident reported he heard screams coming from Blackwall Reach. Kayakers paddled out to help bring Wrathall to shore with the help of a stand-up paddle boarder. 

Bicton resident David Davenport was out on his deck overlooking the Swan River when he saw two swimmers splashing around near a boat.

"I thought, 'Someone’s jumped off the back', and then after a while the splashing stopped and they started swimming to shore and I could see the trail of blood coming out of the one guy," he said.

Wrathhall was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where he underwent surgery.

He is still listed in critical yet stable condition. 

Source: WA Today



Young Boy Severely Injured by Shark in Australia

A seven-year-old child was bitten by a shark in Victoria, Australia. 

Paramedics and Westpac Rescue helicopters were called to Thirteenth Beach on the Bellarine Peninsula around 6:00pm. The unidentified boy was swimming when an apparent shark bit his leg. 

The boy was taken to Geelong University Hospital and is listed in stable condition. 

Source: Daily Mail 



Individual Hospitalized after Shark Bite

An unidentified person has been bitten by a shark in St. Kitts and Nevis islands. 

Little detail has been reported but it is known that the incident took place in the Narrows, between the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis around 9:00am.

The nature of the injuries have not been reported but the person is in the hospital.  

Source: EMO News


Woman Dies in New Zealand from Apparent Shark Bite

A  19-year-old woman has died from an apparent shark attack in New Zealand. 

The Kaelah Marlow was swimming with friends when sea currents dragged her into deep waters at Waihi Beach, located about two hours south east of Auckland.

Two ambulances, a rapid response team, and a rescue helicopter were sent to the scene. An eye witness reproted that she was alive when she was brought to shore and was given CPR but the woman succumbed to severe wounds to her leg. 

Source: KFGO News




Woman Seriously Injured while Swimming in Hawaii

A 68-year-old woman was bitten by a shark at Anaehoomalu Bay, Hawaii.

The Hawaii Fire Department reported the woman was swimming approximately 500 yards off shore when a shark bit her. She was assisted back to shore via a tender boat from the Spirit of Aloha tour vessel where she was met by medics. 

The patient was then taken to Queen’s North Hawaii Community Hospital with serious injuries to her lower right leg.

It is unknown as to the species of shark and the beach was closed until HFD helicopters saw that the waters were clear. 

Source: West Hawaii Today



Swimmer Bitten on Fin in California

A 48-year-old swimmer was bitten on his fin in Coronado, California.

Phil Garn was on his daily swim just past G Street, when a shark snuck up from behind and bit into his fin. He turned around after feeling a tug on his on his fin and saw the shark down. He quickly swam back to shore. 

Garn, an avid swimmer, bitten many times by sting rays and jelly fish says this was a first, “I’ve swum lots and lots of miles, spent lots and lots of time here,” Garn says. “Nobody’s gotten hurt. It’s very unusual.”

Lifeguards closed the beach for 48 hours and will reopen on New Year’s Day.

No injuries were reported.

Source: NBC News San Diego


Swimmer Bitten by Shark in Siesta Key, Florida

An unidentified individual has been bitten by a shark in Siesta Key, Florida.

Sarasota County Fire Department was called to Point of Rocks Circle around 8:30 Tuesday morning for a medical emergency. The victim was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

The hospital has confirmed the injury was a shark bite but has not released any information on the condition of the victim.  

Source: Patch



Man Bitten in Hawaii by Suspected Shark

Update 12/13: The victim in the incident has been identified as Robin Warren of Napili. It is understood that he was surfing the day of the incident. Warren never truly recovered after surgery and later died. 

A male surfer has suffered an apparent shark bite in Hawaii.

The unidentified man said to be in his fifties was paddling about 20 yards off shore at Honolua Bay on Maui when the incident occurred. Ocean safety crews hired for the nearby WSL Women’s professional surfing completion tended to the injured surfer. He was brought to shore and was given CPR. 

The man was then taken to Maui Medical Center for surgery on injuries to his left side lower extremities and is now listed in stable condition.

The Maui Police Department has closed the beaches and the organizers of the event have suspended the competition until conditions can be reassessed. 

Source: Maui Now



Tourist Dies in French Caribbean

A 38-year-old female tourist was killed by a shark in the Caribbean. 

The unidentified French woman who was on sabbatical in St. Martin was about 500 feet from the shore of Orient Bay when a shark severed off her leg. 

The government closed all beaches to swimming and water sports for 48 hours.

Source: CBS News

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