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Comprehensive Analysis of Beaches, and the Incidents at each.

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SharkBytes information is user-friendly. All of the information is categorized so you can navigate quickly and efficiently through the app. Categories include Shark Identification, Facts about Sharks, Recent Shark Incidents, SEARCH YOUR BEACH, Tips, Save Sharks, Wallpapers that can be downloaded, and Puzzles. to your device.

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This app has the ability to be updated instantly without any inconvenience to the user. You never have to update a new version of the app, as it will instantly update itself each time you open it - with no wait time to the user. So you always have the most recent shark data at your fingertips.

Useful Information

SharkBytes' goal is to educate people about Shark-related incidents. We feel that even though shark incidents are rare, they still happen. This app will educate you about behaviors and locations you can avoid to lessen your chance of being the victim of a shark incident. The app's SEARCH YOUR BEACH section includes Shark-related incidents (no injuries reported after a non-intentional human interaction with a shark. For example - your surfboard gets bit, but you do not.)

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A portion of the proceeds from this app will be donated to shark incident research and shark conservation. Thank You!


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Sharkbytes is dedicated to providing you up-to-date information regarding shark incidents at any beach across the world. Try us out!

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